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Help teachers help our kids #QuakerUp

I’d like to thank Quaker for sponsoring this conversation about Quaker Up For Classrooms. Opinions are my own.

I can hardly believe that my little boy, Evan, started pre-kindergarten this year. He looks like a little man and I’m so proud of him!

Evan's first day of pre-k #ThatsMyKid

During our back-to-school shopping, some of the items on Evan’s school supplies list included cleaning supplies for the classroom and some items to be used by the teacher, like dry erase markers.

I was more than happy to help by providing these items, especially after recently learning that teachers spend more than $1 billion a year stocking their own classrooms. That’s a lot of money, and they’re buying more than just school supplies. In fact, three in five K-8 public school teachers say their students regularly come to school hungry, and as a result these teachers typically spend $37 per month from their own paychecks on food for their students!


Softness makes all the difference

Le Creuset Cast Iron Stainless Steel Cookware and Casabella giveaway ($1,000)!

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The confidence behind a smile #InvisalignTalk @Invisalign

Britax Affinity Stroller #giveaway

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