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6 Ways to get personal this holiday season!

This post is part of a paid collaboration with Personal Creations. Opinions are my own.

6 Ways to Get Personal This Holiday Season

Every year, I tend to get a little lost in the holiday madness, especially with all of the excessive spending. Luckily, I’ve found a way to make shopping a little more special, I do it by focusing on personalized gifts.


Tech gifts for DIYers from Microsoft Store! #MSFTHoliday

Sili Squeeze: Reusable snack pouches for kids + a fun @TheSiliCo #giveaway #15DaysofSili!

Scents that conjure Christmas

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Resolve to go beyond ‘basic’ family travel and #win! #AlamoDriveHappy

Pampered Chef giveaway + Orange-carrot cookies with cream cheese frosting

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