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Sili Squeeze: Reusable snack pouches for kids + a fun @TheSiliCo #giveaway #15DaysofSili!

This post is sponsored by The Sili Company. Opinions are my own.

What is it about food in pouches that kids love so much? While I have to admit that the pouch-craze is really convenient for me, I can’t say that I love all the waste involved in constantly buying disposable pouches, and that’s why I am LOVING Sili Squeeze!

Sili Squeeze

Sili Squeeze is a reusable squeeze pouch, and unlike store-bought snack pouches, what goes in your child’s Sili Squeeze is limited only by your imagination. From delicious smoothies, to soups, to kid favorites like yogurt and applesauce—Sili Squeeze delivers it all with either a spill-proof original version or their free-flowing Sili Squeeze with Eeeze—for bigger kids!


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