1st birthday party countdown

Well, I just placed the order for Evan’s 1st birthday party invitations. They are amazingly cute, by the way, and I can’t wait to show you all!

I feel like maybe I’m having a harder time handling this milestone than I should. I am excited for the party, and think he is just more amazing every day, but… yeah. I now completely understand why women have the urge to have more babies after the first. Before you have a baby, you’re PRETTY SURE that it’s going to be AWESOME, but after you have your first one, you KNOW how amazing it is, and I think it makes you want another one even more. To my parents, or anyone else who knows me in real life reading along, relax. I won’t be having another one for quite some time, if at all, but I totally get why people want to have more, that’s for sure!



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