5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without

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5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without

I think I’ve probably mentioned this a few times before, but, I’m not exactly the best planner.

I always have these mental to-do lists floating around in my mind, but, I’ve been guilty of forgetting some pretty important details from time to time.

Like that time I forgot an essential beauty product on a business trip that ended up causing me a whole lot of grief! It’s why I’m pretty serious about making sure I pack a few must-have beauty items with me when I travel. Keep reading to find out which items I will absolutely never travel without.

  1. Skintimate® Shave Gel

    I thought I had packed everything I needed for an important business trip last June, but when I remembered that I didn’t put Skintimate® Shave Gel in the suitcase that I planned to have checked, I didn’t feel like taking the extra two minutes to add it to my bag.

    5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without

    I figured I could shave my legs with whatever soap or shampoo that my hotel provided. No big deal, right?

    A couple days into my trip, I looked down at my leg and realized that I had done the unthinkable. I missed a patch of hair on my left leg, just above my glittery sandal strap.

    I was totally mortified and convinced that the small patch that I missed would be seen by everyone.

    Believe me, I was truly regretting not grabbing my Skintimate® Shave Gel!

    5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without

    As much as I adore its luscious scent (this Raspberry Rain smells incredible) and silky texture, my favorite thing about Skintimate® is that it helps me never miss a spot because I can see exactly where I have and haven’t shaved leaving me with smooth, healthy looking legs.

    5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without

    Feeling anxiety on an important business trip is not fun, but feeling anxiety over something that could have been completely avoided with the right product is something that I never plan to repeat.

  2. Makeup Removal Wipes

    Again, I’ve learned from experience to never rely on the beauty products provided by hotels. Sometimes the soap they provide seems to just smear your makeup instead of washing it away.

    In addition to taking a great facial cleanser with me, I’m always sure to bring my makeup removal wipes. They are also great for days when you’ve been working for hours and you just need to get to bed quickly.

    A quick swipe and you’re good to go!

  3. Cotton Swabs

    You just never know what you’ll need a cotton swab for when you’re traveling. I always love to have some on hand for quick makeup corrections, especially since I rarely have time for do-overs when traveling.

  4. Waterproof Mascara

    Do you ever feel like your makeup melts during busy days, or days spent outside in the sun?

    I’m not a fan of melting mascara, so I always like to travel with a great waterproof mascara that can stay put all day.

    Side note, you’re going to need those makeup removal wipes to get it off at night! :)

  5. A Good Razor

    We’re coming full circle here! Don’t forget to pack a great razor with you when you travel. There’s nothing like having to make a run to a convenience store because you forgot to pack your razor.

I always bring my Schick® Quattro YOU with me for a long lasting shave with fewer nicks and cuts*—it’s a perfect match with your Skintimate® Shave Gel to leave your legs feeling soft and moisturized.

    *vs. Slim Twin® or ST®2.

    What are your beauty must-haves when traveling?

    5 Beauty Products I Never Travel Without


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