5 tips to make your blog shine

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Shine

I think most of us have gone through periods of blogging fatigue, or phases when it seems like we aren’t standing out among a sea of other blogs and bloggers.

If you want improve your blog and make a lasting impression on readers, check out these 5 tips that will truly make your blog shine.

How to make your blog shine

1. Make yourself known — Are you showing your readers who you really are? My favorite blogs are authored by people who aren’t afraid to put their personality front and center in their posts. I favor blogs that include a great about me page, and I also love seeing a photo of the blogger.

2. Beautify your blog — Yes, design is important. The best way to really set your blog apart from the crowd is to create a beautiful digital space that frames your content. Make the investment in a professional blog design if possible, or use an attractive premium theme that is free of clutter.

3. Highlight your strengths — What are your strengths, and what makes your blog special? Isolate the topics or skills where you excel, and run with them. If food is your thing, pour your energy into crafting incredible recipe posts. If you love photography, don’t be afraid to use large images that really showcase your passion. Put a spotlight on your awesomeness — people will notice.

4. Be confident — Be proud of your blog, your content, and your hard work. I truly believe that a confident blogger is a successful blogger, and the more secure you are in your vision, the farther that vision will propel you.

5. Be fearless — While we all find inspiration from other amazing bloggers, don’t get caught up in trying to fit the mold — it will sink you. Instead, visualize your perfect blog, and know what your blogging goals are. Be experimental, try new things, and strive to be unique.

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