8 weeks pregnant

To say that I was anxiously awaiting my first prenatal appointment would be an understatement. I was going absolutely crazy with anticipation, and having my first peek at the baby was a huge relief. There is so much worry in those first few weeks of pregnancy, and I think most women can’t help but get a little nervous prior to that first ultrasound.

I actually received like 6 photos from the U/S, and this is the least clear. I think my husband must have taken the other images to work with him today.

eight week ultrasound photo

My appointment went well, and so far, so good. We saw a little Teddy Grahamesque baby (our U/S tech actually used the Teddy Graham description for babies at this stage, with their little arm and leg buds), and a healthy 167 bpm heartrate. Before anyone chimes in to say that I must be having a girl (due to the faster heart rate), my little boy’s was 180 at 8w, so I don’t subscribe to that particular old wives tale! :)

I am still sick pretty much every moment of the day (and night). In fact, my sickness seems to be getting more intense, and the vomiting comes more often. I’m really not even sure what the Zofran is doing for me at this point, maybe knocking the edge off a little.

Just trying to get through each day.


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