Are you guilty of overprotective parenting?

When I wasn’t peeing, vomiting, or experiencing some other ache or pain during my pregnancy, I was thinking. I was thinking about what color my baby’s eyes would be, what outfit I would put him in to come home from the hospital, and if he would be as perfect as my fantasies had painted him. I also had these nagging thoughts and paranoia about actually having to take my fresh newborn baby out into a world that is so chock full of germs, sickness, and OTHER PEOPLE.

I am by no means a clean freak, or a germaphobe, and I’m certainly not an obsessive hand-washer. However, the thought of my brand new little baby-nugget being exposed to the unknown just completely petrified me. All of the media coverage of H1N1 did not help! It worried me so much that I kept him pretty sheltered for the first several months of his life. This isn’t to say that we never left the house, because we did, but it was to visit a select few family members and that was really it.

We became even more reclusive as winter and the snowy season fell upon us, and as Evan matured from week to week, my paranoia about outside influences began to shift to a concern that I was overprotecting my kid from normal interactions with new people and situations.

At 5-months, I finally took Evan shopping with me to a few stores. Of course, the day after we went on our shopping adventure, he came down with his first cold. Seeing my tiny baby struggling with congestion and terrible coughing for week was horrible. I will never know if he was already sick before I took him out, or if he picked up a bug in one of the stores we visited, but I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Every mom has a different philosophy on how much exposure is good for a newborn. I know a lot of moms who took their baby with them everywhere from day one, and they turned out just fine, and also mothers who are a little more cautious like me. If I ever have another baby, I will no doubt be a little less afraid (of everything.)

Evan is 8-months-old now, and he is sometimes a little timid when meeting new people. Thankfully summer is approaching, so taking him out do to things will be so much easier. In fact, he’ll be attending his first birthday party tomorrow, and I hope he can adjust to seeing a lot of new faces. I guess if he can’t, I’ll be the one in the other room with the crying baby!


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