Book nerd/artist

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People are so complicated, unique, and special in their own ways. In fact, you may not even be aware of the hidden talents, passions, and interests of even your closest friends and family!

For instance, by reading my blog, you may know that I love take photos and I love to cook and bake. What you may not have realized about me, is that if given the opportunity, I could read 24/7—I’m a complete book nerd—and love nothing more than getting lost in a great novel.

I also love to paint and create mixed media art!

Sometimes places, not just people, hold hidden secrets and treasures. I recently did a series of photos on Instagram highlighting some of my favorite spots around my hometown. Some of the shots feature areas that might be easily overlooked, but they all have a unique story or quality.

For instance, this unassuming little bakery has been in business in my town for 90 years. They have THE best donuts—period!

new system bakery

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So, tell me, what parts of your personality might not be obvious at first? Are you a singer? A reality TV junkie? Do you love to climb mountains?

I loved having the opportunity to share some of my hidden talents with you, and I also loved sharing a few of the local jewels in my hometown. I’d love to hear more about what makes you and your area unique!

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