Baby corral or baby jail?

Well, it has happened. Over the past week or two, Evan has progressed from a slow, uncoordinated, belly-flopping scooter to a masterful crawler. He’s become an athlete in a matter of days, and I spend most of my time now trying to head him off at the pass. I am beyond proud of him and his new skills, but HOLY COW, it is exhausting trying to keep him away from things he shouldn’t be touching. These things include but are not limited to outlets, cords, registers, and cat butts.

While being a mom is the most important position I hold, I do also work from home, and I have to try to stay on top of my photo editing and client communications during the day. We have a playpen, but Evan doesn’t spend more than 5 minutes at a time in it before going berserk, so I am planning on adding it to the growing pile of yard sale items. My next stop is a playgate system, or corral, and I am wondering what your thoughts on these are? Have you tried one? Is it completely terrible that I want to put my kid in a baby-cage? I just don’t see an option, because at least for brief periods during the day, I need to be able to keep him in a restricted area where he can safely play.

baby playgate

Things were so much easier when I could plop him in the middle of the floor and he couldn’t GO anywhere!


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