The Truly Useful Clorox MyStain App

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I planned to start this post by telling you how messy my children are, and how often they stain their clothes. I mean, that part is true, but I guess I should own up to something. You see, I’ve always been known as the sloppy-eater in my family. It’s really only a matter of time before I drip food on my shirt during family dinners.

It’s not my most glamorous quality, but it’s a truth about me that’s impossible to deny. Throw my husband and his frequent oil stains into the messy mix and we’re looking at a whole lot of stains on a regular basis. I’m guessing my household isn’t unique in this way, and it’s why I’m really loving the Clorox MyStain App. My favorite thing about this app is how utterly simple it is to use.

Just type in your stain, select laundry or surface and then find your solution. This isn’t one of those apps that you download and then rarely use. This is a keeper.


I love having this huge archive of information about stains right on my smartphone. Let’s face it, no two stains are alike, and with the Clorox MyStain App I can find quick fixes for stains ranging from mold, to red wine, to soy sauce.

My eyes lit up when I saw the word “sticker” on the stain list. If you have kids, you’ve probably encountered one of those rogue stickers that seems to have been made using superglue that just won’t come off your child’s shirt. The Clorox MyStain App doesn’t just tell you which product to use, it actually gives you detailed instructions to take care of the specific stain.

My personal stain fighting advice would be to take the time to follow pre-treating instructions. You will find these on the app, and sometimes it can make all the difference. I’ve been able to save many garments by taking this extra step.

It’s nice not having to call my mom or consult a search engine to find out how to get out the toughest stains.

It’s also really great that the app matches you with the appropriate Clorox cleaning products. This is great for me since I’m already a huge fan of Clorox. It’s the only product line that I feel keeps both my surfaces and laundry ultra-clean and fresh. That’s extra important to me during cold and flu season—yuck!

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Be sure to check out the awesome Clorox MyStain App for iOS or Android today and take a swipe at stains!


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