Best Free Fonts

Are you as obsessed with free fonts as I am? If so, you’re going to love my list of the 20 best free fonts for download!

Whether you’re a fan of girlie scripts or clean and modern sans serifs, this list is full of some really gorgeous and versatile free fonts for your personal creative projects.

20 Best Free Fonts to Download Today! Loving these beautiful free fonts!

I have to admit that I’ve probably collected more free fonts than any one person should have on their computer. I just can’t resist grabbing these wonderful free fonts, especially since I utilize great fonts so often as a blogger. Psst… if you’re a blogger too, you might want to download my free printable blogging planner. It’s undated and totally flexible!

Now, onto the list of my current favorite free fonts!

Best Free Fonts for Download

Yellow Butterflies / Luna / Sunday / Symphony Script / Ballerina / Nickainley / Campton / Shorelines / Magnolia Sky / Frontage Outline / Innuendo / Museo Slab / All Things New / High Tide / Angel Face / Bakery / Lillybelle / Summer / Prata / Bromello

NOTE: Each free font linked above will take you to a website where you can download the font to your computer. Fonts are the property of their respective owners. Be mindful that you’re using the fonts as outlined on each individual website. Instructions for downloading the fonts and installing them on your computer is usually listed on the font download page.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my list of the 20 best free fonts!


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