Celebrate The Extraordinary People In Your Life This Holiday

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Hallmark Signature Holiday Cards 2016 #NoOrdinaryCardAs much as I love the holidays, I often feel overwhelmed by my busy Christmas schedule.

The hustle and bustle make it easy to miss those important moments and milestones that you would have otherwise noticed. One of those milestones snuck up on me this week when I realized that my mom has been working for me for a whole year.

My mom and I had discussed the possibility of her quitting her job as a hair stylist and coming to work for me as my assistant for years, but there was some trepidation on both sides. It was a big change, but looking back over the year I’m just so glad that we both took the risk. I wanted to tell my mom how much I have appreciated her help this year, so I picked up a really special Hallmark Signature card for her.

Yes, this card doubles as my holiday greeting to my mom, but I took the opportunity to include a special message inside.

Holiday cards are really the perfect vehicle to share what’s on your heart with the people you love!

Whether you see them every day or every few years, everyone loves a heartfelt handwritten note inside a gorgeous card.

Hallmark Signature Holiday Cards 2016 #NoOrdinaryCard

I’m pretty lucky to have such a close relationship with my mom, but I’m even more impressed by how much she’s grown into her role as my assistant over the past year. Her aptitude, attitude and eagerness to learn has really inspired me to be better and do more. I’m really fortunate to have the person that I trust most in this world helping me run my business!

It’s not exactly an ordinary work situation, so I didn’t want to choose an ordinary card to express my gratitude and love.

I’ve always been such a huge fan of Hallmark Signature cards, and I am truly loving so many of the 2016 holiday cards. The paper thick, the designs are uniquely beautiful and even the envelopes are like the perfect wrapping for these special cards.

Hallmark Signature Holiday Cards 2016 #NoOrdinaryCard

It’s amazing to me how ornate and intricate Hallmark Signature’s holiday cards have become over the years.

Each Hallmark Signature holiday card is like it’s own little piece of art. The color, textures and 3-dimensional designs of each card is unique, making Hallmark Signature cards more like gifts than simple greetings.

Hallmark Holiday Cards 2016 #NoOrdinaryCard

Maybe you have a small (or big) milestone that you want to commemorate this season, or maybe you’ve just had a special friend or family member on your mind. A beautiful holiday card from Hallmark Signature and a few moments of your time can really transform someone’s day.

Shoe someone in your life that they are extraordinary when you choose a card that is far from ordinary.

Happy Holidays!


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