Celebrate summer with Nestlé Drumstick!

This post was sponsored by Nestlé.

This is Kara, being her usual animated, high-spirited self! Both of my kids are absolutely thrilled that summertime is finally here, and we’re doing lots of playing outside!


Seeing my children enjoy these hot summer days really makes me think back to my own childhood. I admit, I feel a little sentimental when I remember that carefree time. It feels like it was just yesterday in many ways. As I watched my kids enjoy their Nestlé Drumsticks while playing in the back yard yesterday, I could vividly remember eating a Drumstick when I was a little girl.

Take a moment and think back. I’m sure you can remember devouring a Drumstick when you were younger, too! I’m doing some craving just thinking about it!

Enter to Win

Nestlé Drumstick is inviting its fans to “Raise a Cone to Summer” and submit a photo of them raising a Drumstick cone (real or virtual) for a chance to win a lifetime supply of Drumstick cones! You can visit raiseacone.drumstick.com right now and until June 21st to submit your entry. Who would not love to win a lifetime supply of Drumsticks? I mean, wow!

Visit Drumstick.com to learn about more delicious Drumstick flavors. You can also stay up-to-date with Drumstick on their Facebook page and on Twitter.


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