Co-sleeping blows

I know that I’m probably going to suffer for saying it — but seriously — co-sleeping BLOWS.

Yes, I am aware that she won’t be a baby forever. I am also clear on the fact that I should appreciate everything that is beautiful, sweet, and precious about this time in the life of my infant, but let me tell you, co-sleeping is not one of those things.

co-sleeping sucks

Co-sleeping, for me, is not rainbows and unicorns. The truth is, Kara is a really crappy bed partner and I sort of feel like I’m sleeping with an angry wolverine.

Now that she’s 6-months-old, is it safe for me to say that she is spoiled, or am I still subject to a public stoning at the mention of the S-WORD?

As much as I hate co-sleeping at this point, and I hate it with a fiery passion, I have no good alternative. If I put her in a crib, she screams as if it is truly the worst punishment imaginable.

Not only will she not sleep in her crib, she pretty much won’t sleep period unless she has her pacifier (me) in her mouth. Oh, and by the way, she won’t entertain the thought of using an actual pacifier.

If I dare pull free, she shrieks and thrashes around in the bed until I’m so scared of my 2-year-old waking up that I promptly give her back what is rightfully hers — my boob.

When morning comes, I feel like I’ve spent the night in the ring with a heavyweight boxer. I am tired. Really and truly, deep down, depressingly tired. I would really like to start transitioning Kara to her crib, but the whole thing just feels so overwhelming.

She is so used to her place in bed with me, her pacifier, and undoubtedly the love and pure comfort that she is accustomed to feeling. The idea of putting her in a cold crib by herself makes me want to cry a thousand tears, and yet the idea also makes me want to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne.

Have you ever felt fed-up with co-sleeping?


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