Is common courtesy dead?

There were so many times during my pregnancy that I wanted to write a post about the lack of common courtesy I noticed.

Do you hold the door open for the person behind you?

The one thing that I have seen over the past couple of years, is that so often people who are less than five paces in front of me while walking into a store, will fail to hold the door open for me. I noticed it more when I was pregnant, because seriously, who doesn’t hold the door open for a woman who is 9-months-FEELS-LIKE-14-MONTHS-pregnant. Who? What kind of person is this? Did I just happen upon a string of bad experiences, or are common courtesies just really not in practice anymore?

Common Courtesy

Should pregnant women receive special treatment?

I have to admit, when I was pregnant with Evan, I really thought that people were going to view and treat me differently. And yes, by different, I mean special. I thought that people were going to take one look at me in all my glowing, pregnant glory, and immediately unleash phrases like, “Aww, can I help you carry that?” When appropriate, of course.

I always expected the teenage boy bagging my groceries at Kroger to ask me if I needed help to my car when I was pregnant, too, but guess what? I don’t think it ever happened. I had to specifically request help, and it was always as if I was really asking a lot when I did.

Granted, maybe I shouldn’t have anticipated that people would really care that I was pregnant. I mean, there are any number of pregnant woman in the room at a given time, and producing offspring is one of the most common, and basic human functions. Right? Obviously, I am simply making it clear that I realize on some level that pregnancy may not merit special treatment, but come on. Come ON. It does, right?

What do you think?

Do you find that there is a lack of basic common courtesy today? What about a little special treatment toward pregnant women, should it be a given, or should pregnant women just suck it up and stop anticipating any favors?


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