Deliciously beautiful: Cupcakes & bokeh

cupcakes and bokeh

Deliciously gorgeous photos of cupcakes — and bokeh!

Meet the artists: 1. I don’t need love I’ve got cupcakes, 2. Cupcake & Christmas Lights ~ The Festive Season Has Begun!, 3. Cupcake Bokeh, 4. Maple Bacon Cupcake, 5. It’s your cupcake, 6. Untitled, 7. Strawberry Kisses, 8. [EXPLORED], 9. I want some sugar in my bowl., 10. Day 31/365 – Bakeh, 11. Mhhhh the sweetest candy cupcake from Crumbs., 12. Happy Birthday, Mom!, 13. I Think It’s Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too, 14. Lovely Winter Wonderland Cupcakes, 15. homemade cupcakes


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