Born to be wild: Baby Magic

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that Kara entered this world with a colicky-bang.

From day one, she’s been not only an incredibly beautiful little blessing, but also our little wild child, particularly when compared to the mellow personality of her older brother.

Colic is no joke, and if you’re a parent who has endured it with one or more of your children you know exactly what I mean. There were moments during the peak of Kara’s colic when my husband and I seriously questioned exactly how much hearing damage we had suffered!

Up until the past two weeks I was seriously beginning to wonder if she was ever going to chill enough to sleep through the night.

I laugh about this now, but we were actually so sleep deprived in this house that we took those rare moments when Kara napped VERY seriously. We even went so far as to send a mass email to our friends and family that read:

Dear friends and family. While we love you, and would love to hear from you, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t ring our doorbell or call our home phone. The baby might be sleeping, and honestly, we might have to kill the next person who messes that up. XO.

However, like all the chaotic phases that babies go through, we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of this long and sleepless tunnel.

I’ve been enforcing a new bedtime routine that includes evening nursing, a snack, a warm bath and then about 20 minutes of quiet play time before putting Kara in her crib.

Baby Magic: Magical Madness Moms

I recently received samples of Baby Magic’s Original Baby Scent Gentle Baby Lotion and Soft Baby Scent Hair and Body Wash, and these products have been a big part of Kara’s new bedtime routine.

About Baby Magic

Did you know, Baby Magic baby products have been around since 1951? My mom told me that this was her baby care brand of choice when I was a baby. When she closed her eyes and inhaled the scent in Kara’s hair, I could almost see her going back in time to memories of bathing her own children.

Baby Magic products are safe and gentle. Products are hypoallergenic, paraben free, phthalate free and all packaging is BPA free. I also love that Baby Magic is made in the United States.

What I love most about Baby Magic is the scent. It is delicate and sweet, just like my baby. Kara has been sleeping so much better at night, I know that this soothing part of her routine is helping.

For the past 10 months since my wild child entered the world, I’ve been pretty much 100% against the idea of having a third baby. I mean… whoa! She’s a handfull.

Of course, now that she’s suddenly SLEEPING? Well… who knows. I might just be crazy enough to do this whole crazy thing one more time. Did I just say that?

Magical Madness Mom

I’m really excited to announce that I will be posting with more tidbits about Baby Magic products in the coming months as an official Magical Madness Mom. See that cute little pink button in my sidebar? Yay!

Enter to win

Dear Moms: did any of your children have a bit of a wild side like my daughter, or were they mellow like my son? Leave a comment to how you tamed (or dealt with) their wild side for a chance to receive the same Baby Magic products mentioned above, Original Baby Scent Gentle Baby Lotion and Soft Baby Scent Hair and Body Wash. Giveaway has ended.

I am a compensated Baby Magic, Magical Madness Moms ambassador. Opinions are as always, genuine, and my own.


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