Diet Coke addiction: My struggle

I felt awkward typing the title of this post. Could I really be addicted to Diet Coke?

As a person who has seen real, life-and-death addiction to drugs and alcohol, I don’t want to trivialize the word addiction by placing it next to my soda-habit. I will say, however, that I do have a problem with my beloved Diet Coke.

A big problem.

Diet Coke addiction: My struggle

You see, I wake up craving Diet Coke. I want a Diet Coke with every snack and every meal. I’ve even gotten up in the middle of the night for a cold can of Diet Coke!

As a woman with few vices, I always felt that my affection for diet soda was completely harmless and it was easy for me to dismiss the articles pointing out the many negative effects of the artificial sweetener, aspartame.

I mean, it’s just pop. Right? I can’t possibly have a Diet Coke addiction.

I started drinking Diet Coke when I was about 25-years-old. I actually despised the taste for weeks, but forced myself into making the switch because I didn’t want to keep drinking all of the sugar and calories in regular Coca-Cola.

How can something that you HATE the taste of at first turn into something that you crave from morning until night?

Breaking the Diet Coke addiction

I made the decision recently to try and break my Diet Coke addiction completely. The main reason, aside from knowing it’s bad for my body, is the fact that I seem to be unable to lose weight and I suspect the Diet Coke has something to do with that.

I went cold turkey, and for about four days suffered horrible headaches. I have still been drinking about one cup of coffee a day, so, I’m not depriving myself of caffeine completely, but it’s till a shock to the system.

After a week, I still crave Diet Coke. Food doesn’t taste as good to me and I find that I don’t look forward to meals as much because I don’t get the same satisfaction when eating as I do when I have the burn of an ice cold can of Diet Coke to chase every bite.

How awful does that sound? It’s true.

I’m also not craving sweets as much as I was, though, so that’s a good sign.

So far so good, even though I still really, really, really want a Diet Coke pretty much all day every day. Hopefully that urge fades as time passes.

Do any of you suffer from a Diet Coke addiction or an addiction to another diet soda? I’d love to know if you share any of my experiences!


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