Why I’m disgusted with Nick Jr.

Nick Jr.’s new tagline is, “The Smart Place to Play.” At this moment, I consider Nick Jr. neither the smart nor safe place for my children to play.

Why I'm Disgusted with Nick Jr.

When Evan was born, I decided that I would not be one of those parents who park their children in front of the television for a moment of peace.

That worked well for the first 11 months of his life, and then low and behold, I found myself letting him watch a little T.V. here and there.

We only watched one channel. The one and only channel on our cable lineup that provided what I felt was a safe viewing environment for my child. There were no bad words or themes (they didn’t even use the word stupid, which was important to me) — and there were no commercials.

Our safe channel was Nick. Jr., and of course, Evan soon fell in love with shows like Yo Gabba Gabba!, Little Bill, and Dino Dan.

Before I knew it, Nick Jr. was a part of our daily life. I found myself singing Moose and Zee songs in my head, and yeah, there were times when I would have liked to put muzzles on the Fresh Beat Band.

Ultimately, I knew what I could expect from Nick Jr., and as a mom, I like that.

If you’re a parent like me whose children love Nick Jr., you probably know where this is going.

The first big change happened several months ago when one day, out of the blue, our kids were asking us, “What happened to Moose and Zee?”

Next was the debut of NickMom, a block of racy adult shows starting at 10pm every night… ON NICK JR.

Why I'm Disgusted with Nick Jr.

I would really love to know what genius thought that real moms want to sit down in front of the television at 10pm with a glass of wine and watch crude mom-comedy on our kids’ safe-channel.

Listen, I’m not a prude, but Nick Jr. is not the place for this programming.

What happens when my 3-year-old wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep because he’s having growing pains, or because he’s sick?

Well, we won’t be turning to Nick Jr. for a little comfort and distraction. It used to be that Oobi was the worst thing you might find on Nick Jr. after dark, now when I flip by (and I try to go very fast), I hear the word V-A-G-I-N-A coming out of my television.

Before anyone jumps on my back, my kids know the word vagina. No big deal. I don’t need to see a woman talking about hers in the middle of some awful adult stand-up routine.

Again, it’s not necessarily the content, it’s the fact that it doesn’t belong on Nick Jr. — period.

The final straw for me was seeing that Nick Jr. now airs commercials between shows. The commercial-free zone was something else that I truly appreciated about Nick Jr., and now I’m seeing ads constantly.

Granted, as a blogger, I have to note that I was already disgusted with NickMom before the programming even hit the airwaves. It’s hard to get on board with a brand who blatantly steals content from parenting bloggers — apparently with no remorse.

My husband and I recently purchased a smart T.V., and we are Netflix and Hulu subscribers. Nick Jr. was really the only reason we were hanging on to our larger cable package, but today I’m pulling the plug.

I am thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with Nick Jr., and I know I can’t be alone in this feeling.


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