Inspired by: Disney’s The Lone Ranger

A sweeping western sky, the thundering gallop of horses, and two men brought together for one goal: justice.

If those elements aren’t enough to get you in the mood for Disney’s upcoming film, The Lone Ranger, you might want to check out this fun fashion board I created—it is inspired by the movie!

Inspired by The Lone Ranger

Western outlaw with a touch of fringe and romance? Yes, please!

I’m so ready for the heat of July, strappy leather sandals, and of course, summer blockbusters!

It’s inevitable that any movie starring Johnny Depp is bound to drop the viewer into a visually stunning movie-universe, and from what I’ve seen of The Lone Ranger’s stills and trailers, this film is no exception. If you haven’t seen the latest The Lone Ranger trailer, check it out below.

The scenery gives us a breathtaking view of the American west, and as always, Johnny Depp’s immersion into his character is visible in his role as Tonto.

Disney 2013: The Lone Ranger

Of course, old west hero John Reid (played by Armie Hammer) looks pretty great in his Lone Ranger mask, too.

Disney 2013: The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters on July 3rd, 2013. You can find out more about the film on the official site, or follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

How about you—are you ready for a great summer blockbuster or two? :)


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