Do home gender prediction tests work?

Wow, the first trimester can really drag on when you’re pregnant. It seems to move even slower when you are suffering from debilitating morning sickness every waking (and sleeping) moment. Like most pregnant woman, I was borderline obsessed with thoughts of whether my little nausea-inducer would be a boy, or a girl. With so many old wives’ tales floating around, and even products sitting in the drugstore, it was a struggle not to take every at-home gender prediction test that I came across!

My latest Momformation post at BabyCenter post discusses several common at-home gender prediction tests. Would you pee into a cup of baking soda to find out the gender of your baby? Have you heard of the cabbage test, or the Drano test?

home gender prediction tests

Read more about these interesting at-home gender prediction tests, and tell me if you think they are a fun way to pass the time, or are just plain NUTS! I can’t wait to read your comments, so click here to tell me what you think now!


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