Do you ever feel run down?


About a month ago, I came down with a really nasty case of sinusitis and bronchitis.

These are not conditions that I’m unfamiliar with—in fact—I have chronic sinus problems. However, this particular bout of infection was pretty severe. I actually don’t think I have been that sick in many years. I ended up having to see a doctor twice, and only after a second round of powerful antibiotics did the infection begin to leave my body. I was totally down, and coughing severely for about 14 days.

When the antibiotics finally started working, though, I got better rapidly. The cough disappeared and the sinus infection subsided.

Honestly, though, I haven’t felt quite right since I was sick.

I’ve been feeling really tired and I have this strange recurring sore throat. It’s mild, but it is there every few days. Last night I looked in my throat and my tonsils looked white and enlarged.

I’ve also noticed my fingernails are papery thin, and I just feel off.

I know that what I need to do is start eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking water instead of Diet Coke, and taking vitamins. I am just not taking care of myself and I can feel it.

I also feel less motivated, and this is why I haven’t been posting much here.

Do you ever just feel completely run down? How do you right the ship?


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