Will I have this baby early?

Everything about my third trimester feels intense.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge, waddling mess during the third trimester of my pregnancy with Evan, however, I never at any point felt any pelvic pain or pressure.

I think that this was probably because Evan was breech for such a long time. What I felt with his pregnancy, was a giant baby skull pressing into my rib cage, nothing like what I am feeling now, which is more like having a bowling ball nestled in my pelvis.

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I’ve talked to a lot of moms who mentioned that pelvic pain and pressure can feel worse with each pregnancy, so, I am hoping that this is just a symptom of being a second-time-mom. There are moments, however, when it really feels like this little girl is just going to drop right out, and that is a scary thing to me.

Someone also suggested that perhaps my previous c-section, and the damage that it did to my abdominal muscles, might be part of the reason for these feelings of pressure down low. That makes sense, too.

I do know that at almost 32-weeks, this baby is getting big. She also moves a lot!

I’m starting to reach the point in my pregnancy where I am stressing about everything, from my unclean house, to the bills, to making sure I have the baby necessities we need, to whether or not we’re going to have an ice storm the day I go into labor.

Oh, and the biggie. Am I going to deliver this kid VBAC, or will I have a subsequent c-section? If someone could just clear that up for me, I would appreciate it.

Did you feel increased pelvic pain or pressure during your second, third, of fourth pregnancies? Do you think this is a sign that I might deliver early?


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