Emani Minerals Makeup review — Love Collection

I adore Emani Minerals Makeup. Like, seriously… adore. I can hardly believe that it’s been almost two years since I posted my first Emani Minerals review, and now I’m finally back to talk about some new Emani Makeup product!

emani minerals makeup

Emani Minerals Makeup

As I have mentioned more than once in the past, I am a bit of a makeup junkie, and I love trying new products. While I’m looking for cosmetics that make my skin look and feel great, it never hurts when you run across a makeup brand that is also safe and healthy for my skin, and Emani Minerals makeup does just that.

I had the opportunity to check out Emani’s Love Collection this month, and really, it was like falling in love with this brand all over again.

What makes Emani Minerals makeup so special?

Emani creates vegan-friendly makeup that is also talc, gluten, and paraben free. Emani uses no animal derived ingredients, and they believe strongly in “beauty without cruelty.”

Using certified organic ingredients, Emani Minerals makeup offers natural sun protection using Titanium Dioxide, a healthy alternative to chemical sunscreen ingredients found in many other cosmetic brands.

emani minerals makeup

More about the Love Collection from Emani Minerals

I think this description of the Love Collection from Emani really articulates the mood that this makeup creates. It truly is lovely.

The essence of Emani’s Love Collection is to replicate the happy love feeling from within; our “Feeling Love Mosaic bronzer & illuminator polishes your skin to perfection and allows your natural glow to shine brightly. The New Trio and Mosaic Eye shadow colors create the dreamiest eyes you’ve ever seen and the Organic Lip Shine completes the romantic look ensuring you’ll end your night with the perfect kiss!

emani minerals makeup

What’s in the Emani Minerals Love Collection?

  • Bronzer/Illuminator: Feeling Loved SRP $16
  • Mosaic Eye Shadow: Feeling Mischeivous SRP $16
  • Trio Eye Shadow: Feeling Divine SRP $20
  • Organic Lip Shine: Blush SRP $16
  • Organic Soy Mascara (Brown): SRP $20
  • Bonus: Organic Cotton Tote! SRP $15

What I love about the Love Collection

So, as for my favorites from the Love Collection, I am a huge fan of Emani’s Bronzer/Illuminator, and I actually often use Feeling Loved in place of a foundation. I find that as I get older, I need to use less makeup on my face. This bronzer gives my skin a soft focus, and a nice healthy glow.

The Mosaic Eye Shadow and Trio Eye Shadow both offer rich smooth color, and create a really romantic eye.

The Organic Soy Mascara goes on very smooth, never clumps, and I notice if I get it too close to my eye it doesn’t make my eyes water like some mascaras can.

Finally, the Organic Lip Shine. Oh, how I love this product.

I am very particular about the lipsticks and glosses I use, as I don’t like anything that has a chemical smell or taste. Emani’s Organic Lip Shine smells sweet, almost like a sugar cookie. It goes on smooth and offers a delicious splash of creamy color without being sticky. Major makeup win!

I highly recommend Emani Minerals makeup to anyone who is a fan of high-quality mineral makeup.

Emani provided me with cosmetics to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine


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