Essie sand tropez & glitter nails!

Essie Sand Tropez

Nails above are painted with Essie’s Sand Tropez and Spit Fire from Pure Ice.

I know that at least a few of you must be asking yourselves why you are seeing a post about nails and nail polish on my blog. Don’t worry, I’m also asking MYSELF why there is a post about nails and nail polish on my blog.

In short, I blame Pinterest.

After looking at about 500 images of cute glittery nails on Pinterest, I was inspired to pick up a few bottles of polish and play.

The funny thing is, I haven’t painted my nails in about three years, and I’ve never been super creative with my nails even prior to having kids.

Also, I quickly realized something.

It’s basically impossible for someone with small children to do their nails.

Seriously, unless you plan on having a sitter or completely neglecting your kids while fifty coats of nail polish dry (not recommended), you’re in trouble.

Pure Ice Nail Polish

Luckily, I was at my mom’s house when I started my nails. Still, about half way into the project Kara woke up from her nap wanting to nurse. Of course, I had to let my nails dry first, so picture me running around the house blowing on my nails like crazy while Kara screams bloody murder because she’s starving.

Note, she wasn’t really starving, but being the drama queen she is you would have thought it.

Sand Tropez

When I showed my husband my glittery nails, he said, “What are you, 14?”

I had to laugh.


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