Evan visits the Ross County Fair

Last Saturday we took Evan for a visit to the Ross County Fair, along with my mom and dad. The main objective of the fair trip was for Evan to have the opportunity to see some real, live, FARM ANIMALS! Evan can chime in with the appropriate animal sounds for a: cow, sheep, horse, cat, and dog, which makes him advanced for his age, right?

Well, let me tell you, the sweet little “ba-aa-aa” that Evan is used to hearing when we discuss the sheep is a far cry from the rough, guttural BAAHHHHH noise we heard coming from the fair-sheep. Evan must have surely been thinking to himself, “really? THAT THING is a sheep?”

He also had the chance to check out some cows, goats, a horse, and some pigs. He held it together until the pigs, and at that point, tears were involved.

All in all, a fun trip, if not somewhat overwhelming for little dude.






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