A Better Kind of Milk

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Milk is a pretty big part of my life. In fact, I’ve been a huge fan of milk since I was a tiny tot—just ask my parents! They have plenty of stories about me asking for milk constantly when I was a toddler. I’ve carried my love for milk into adulthood, but these days I’m pretty picky about which milk products we buy.

Luckily, my finicky kids love milk. It’s really been tough over the past few years as we’ve weathered the toddler eating stages with the kids. I always hoped that my kids would be open to a variety of wholesome and nutritious foods, but sadly, it’s a real chore to get them to eat a healthy meal at times.

My daughter, Kara, is going through a particularly tough phase right now and it’s a real struggle to get her to eat the foods I put in front of her. It means I’m always looking for ways to get that extra protein into her diet.

Since I discovered fairlife ultra-filtered milk recently, it has been a staple in my home. I want to make sure that my family gets the protein that they need (especially my little picky eater, Kara), and fairlife’s unique cold filtration process allows them to concentrate the natural protein and calcium found in dairy milk without needing to add outside sources, unlike competitors. That’s a significant difference, and really the key benefit that I consider when choosing a milk product for my crew.


What’s really interesting about that is the added protein doesn’t get there via protein powders or other synthetic junk. fairlife’s filtration concentrates the natural protein and calcium without needing to add from outside sources, unlike competitors. fairlife even filters out most of the lactose, converting what little remains with an enzyme. This is great news for my husband and other people who are lactose intolerant!

Choosing the right milk for my family is a big deal because we drink so much of it! My kids love to have bowls of cereal each morning, I like using milk in my smoothies and my husband always has a glass of milk for dinner. That means I’m buying milk at least a couple times a week.

Since Kara loves milk so much I’ve started making her an after school smoothie with milk in it and she also loves my milk and cereal ice pops.

I’m really hoping that Kara grows out of this picky eating phase soon!

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Funny side note: When I was pregnant with my son, milk was my number one craving. I was drinking about a half a gallon of the stuff every day. I am pretty sure that’s where Evan got his own love for milk!

fairlife has half the sugar compared to ordinary milk, and fairlife ultra-filtered chocolate milk has half the sugars of ordinary chocolate milk. That’s really huge in my book and such an easy way to cut down on the amount of sugar my family is consuming. We usually skip the chocolate milk, but with the reduced sugar compared to other brands, I do let them have fairlife chocolate milk a few times a week.

Plus, fairlife tastes incredible, so we’re not even missing that sugar one tiny bit!


One other little tidbit that I wanted to share with you is that fairlife comes from family-owned farms where animal care and environmental sustainability are top priorities. This is so important to me because I know that every single little choice we make about the foods we purchase and consume can impact our planet.

fairlife’s farm families promise the highest quality milk, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and superior animal care. fairlife is ultra-filtered for more natural protein and calcium compared to regular milk. Learn more at fairlife.com.


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