Are stuffed animals and security blankets a good idea?

Mine does. In fact, my toddler has three special stuffed animals. Meet the guys. Yes, Evan calls them the guys, how cute is that?

Pictured from left to right are: Winnie-Pooh, Ted-Ted, and Lim-Lamb (the lamb is a Scentsy Buddy).

These are Evan’s go-to friends, and it never fails that every night about ten minutes after I put my kid in bed, I will hear him screaming, “Mommy! Dropped the guys! Lim-Lamb! Ted-Ted! Get it, Mommy!”

Evan has so many stuffed animals, that it’s really funny and interesting to me how he settled on these particular toys to become attached to. He will grab all three of the guys up in his arms and carry them around the house, or he will sit with them and snuggle and kiss them. It is truly adorable.

I am pretty sure that when I was little, I had a security blanket that I carried everywhere with me, and I can remember my little brother being quite attached to a couple teddy bears. Do your children have special stuffed animals, or blankets, that they are attached to?

I know that I want to keep the guys forever, as a reminder to me of this cute phase in Evan’s life.


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