Crawling out of my hole

I gave birth to Evan during the hottest part of the summer last year–August 3rd. Those first few weeks after we brought him home from the hospital are sort of a blur to me now. The warm days of course faded into fall and eventually winter. It has been a long, cold winter in Ohio which meant that we didn’t take Evan out of the house with any frequency for months. We did visit family once or twice a week, but with the harsh temperatures and all of the cold/flu going around, there were many days shut indoors.

Now that the weather has started to break (can I get a HALLELUJAH?) we have started to introduce Evan to the outside world, once again. It’s really a lot for him to take in, as evidenced in this picture of him in his stroller. He seems to enjoy riding, but stays very somber and quiet as he takes it all in. It really must be a sensory overload for the little guy.

I absolutely can’t wait until summer. I plan to do so many fun outdoor things with Evan–it’s going to be wonderful!


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