The first French braid

Her first French braid

While Kara devoured a piece of pumpkin cake today, I gave her a French braid.

Her first French braid

It isn’t easy to weave those ultra-silky and uneven locks when the head they’re attached to is constantly bobbing from left to right. She kept trying to look back to see what all the fuss was over, so I had to work quickly.

Someday, when her hair is a little longer and she can sit still for more than three seconds, her first perfect French braid will come, but this little milestone seemed special to me.

I have a daughter old enough to wear a French braid in her hair? Insane.

As the daughter of a hair-stylist, myself, I think I could probably give my dolls French braids by the time I was 5, and I can remember the feeling of my mom’s fingers expertly sectioning and braiding my own brown hair as a child.

There is just something so sweet and innocent about a little girl with braids in her hair. I actually got a bit of a lump in my throat while I was finishing the braid.

She’s still a baby to me, but I can definitely see glimpses of a little woman, too, and that’s just almost more than I can take at times.

Did you have a moment the first time you saw a French braid in your little girl’s hair?


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