Fun activities for toddlers?

It seems like winter will never end, and finding activities for toddlers indoors can be a challenge. While Evan is starting to enjoy a little TV, I certainly don’t want to make a habit of turning to Nick Jr. too often for our entertainment. After becoming bored with our go to toddler activities, I decided to do a little searching for some new ideas for creative play. Do you have any suggestions for fun, indoor play activities for toddlers?

A Few Fun Activities for Toddlers from

Evan’s favorite things to do right now are play with Hotwheels, oh, and play with Hotwheels. My husband bought him a track the other day, but Evan would still really rather just scoot the cars around and crash them into each other. Not that I don’t love sitting on the floor with him to play with Hotwheels, I do, but we are in serious need of some variety!

Oh, and we’re back to the status quo, folks. :)


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