OK Google, Color Me Impressed

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“OK Google…”

This is the simple phrase that brings my Google Home to life.

In case you haven’t heard, Google Home is an incredibly innovative smart speaker and home assistant that makes me once again quite thankful that I live in the future. This sleek, beautifully-designed little device can do so much to enhance the way you live your life.

They say that home is where the heart is, and it’s so true. When I think about my home, I feel like I’ve been wrapped in a warm blanket.

Through all of the world’s chaos and the hustle and bustle of being a modern mom, my home is truly my refuge and the place that I think about getting back to every day.

In fact, when I walked in the door yesterday and kicked the snow off my boots, the first words out of my mouth were: “OK Google, play some Christmas music.”

Christmas music brings my home’s cozy-factor up a few dozen notches and combined with the glow of our Christmas tree lights, it immediately sets the mood for relaxation.

Since I’ve paired my Google Home with my beloved Spotify account, it can easily pull up any music that I ask for. Everyone in the house has their own Spotify playlist on my account, so my husband is even able to ask our Google Home to bring up his favorite tunes when he is in the mood.

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My husband loves that he can easily bring up the latest episodes of his favorite podcasts as well!

Google Home’s integrated high-excursion speaker delivers crystal clear highs and rich bases. It sounds absolutely incredible, almost surprisingly so out of such a small device.

Of course, music isn’t Google Home’s only feature by a long shot.

Beyond the music, you can ask questions and if you have smart home devices—Nest, Phillips Hue and Chromecast—you can even control parts of your home!

I love asking Google Home what the weather will be like each day. I usually do this while rushing around the house trying to get the kids ready for school. I love that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing and pick up my phone or look at the weather on tv to find out what I can expect.

This morning, Google Home told me to expect chilly temperatures, so I was able to grab the kids’ heavy winter coats and gloves without missing a beat during my morning routine.

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Since this is Google we’re talking about, you can certainly ask other types of burning questions as well. So far today I’ve asked my Google Home how many days there are until Christmas, which day of the week my daughter’s birthday falls on this year and how many ounces are in a liter. I’m also loving the ability to set alarms and timers!

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I mentioned how Google Home makes my crazy mornings a little easier thanks to being able to ask questions about my day without having to stop moving, but it’s also a really great tool in the evenings while I’m working on homework with the kids.

My son is studying early American history, and it was so fun to be able to say “OK Google, tell me about the settlement of Jamestown” to get a quick refresher from Wikipedia. Google Home brings such a wealth of information right into your home and you don’t have to lift a finger (or tap all of your fingers on a keyboard) to unlock it! I love that!

I have to say that I’m really impressed with our Google Home so far, and I feel like it adds a really special element to the way we live and stay connected as a family. It’s even on my holiday gift list for a couple family members this year!


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