Loving My Google Wifi

This post is sponsored by Google. Opinions are my own.

It’s official, my entire family is connected.

It’s really unavoidable these days, especially with so many entertainment and educational opportunities available on our devices.

With everyone being plugged-in, it can be hard to avoid those digital traffic jams. I would like to say that it’s just my husband and the kids who are prone to fits of frustration when the Wi-Fi signal isn’t what it should be, but I have to confess that I’m probably the one who gets the most bent out of shape.
I get REALLY bent out of shape.

My husband actually came racing into our bedroom recently when he heard me let out an exasperated groan. He just shook his head when I told him that my problem was Wi-Fi related.

Hey, when you run your business from home it’s crucially important to have good Wi-Fi! My kids would argue the same is true when they’re trying to take advantage of their screen time with their favorite games or movies on Netflix.

Needless to say, when I was presented with an opportunity to test Google Wifi. I’m a huge fan of Google products (love my Google Home), so I had a great suspicion that this product would be a wonderful solution for my family’s Wi-Fi woes.

Google Wifi offers a multi-point system that gives you fast and reliable Wi-Fi wherever you need it and across multiple devices. You’ll have three small and sleek Google Wi-Fi units to place around your home for maximum coverage. So, from Dad’s man-cave all the way to the dining room and beyond, you’ll have a great, strong signal to power all of your devices.

Sometimes I tend to shy away from upgrading the hardware in my home because I’m afraid it won’t be easy to set up. Google Wifi is incredibly simple to get going. Their companion app takes you step-by-step through the process so that you’ll be enjoying your new Wi-Fi signal in just minutes.
You also won’t have to worry about security because Google has you covered with their industry-leading hardware and cloud-based security. In other words, you don’t need to worry about a thing! If you should run into a bump in your installation process, or any time, you can rely on Wi-Fi Care to help with your issue 24 hours a day via text or phone.

I’m also absolutely loving the family-friendly tools to help manage my kids’ screen time. While I’m fine with the kids watching a movie or playing their favorite games, I like to be in control of exactly how much time they spend in front of their devices. Google Wifi allows me to pause Wi-Fi to the kids’ devices during specified times. For our family, that’s during homework time, mealtimes, at bedtime and all day Sunday.

This feature makes it really nice because it sets a consistent boundary for the kids and helps teach them to adhere to a schedule.

Our house used to be full of Wi-Fi dead zones, but now, we can power all of our family’s devices without having to deal with the frustration of dropped or weak signals. Under all of the features, perks and innovations (of which there are many), I just have to say that this product does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Google Wifi provides a strong and connected system of Wi-Fi points around your home that will just help you work and play the way you’re supposed to… without interruption.

I am LOVING our Google Wifi!


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