Halloween 2012: Photo blast

It feels like I was making our Halloween 2011 post just yesterday. Last year at this time I was pregnant with Kara, and this year instead of one little goblin to enjoy Halloween with, we have two.

This year, Evan was a puppy dog, and Kara dressed as a ladybug!

We didn’t actually take Kara trick-or-treating.

It was pretty chilly, and I’m not a fan of the whole adults carrying babies and begging for candy for “them” thing, though I probably would have taken her along just to show her off had it been warmer.

How cute is she though? This is her first Halloween!

Evan, on the other hand, is an old pro at this trick-or-treat thing. I say that, but really, this is the first year he’s gotten into it. He was a little timid going up to the doors, but he did a great job!

Of course, getting a photo of both kids in their costumes was like pulling teeth, but this one was a jewel.

My little top model had no problem in front of the camera. Show me FIERCE!

I just can’t believe how quickly we’re making these memories. The years go by so fast, and Evan is already becoming such a big boy.

This photo of Evan and Zach melts my heart.

This costume was just as cute from the back. I half expected Evan to pick out something a little less cutesy this year, but he liked this puppy dog costume, so I was thrilled with that. These type of costumes are also nice and warm, but just a little annoying with the saggy hood.

Another Halloween is on the books. I hope you had a great trick-or-treat night with your kids. I’d love to see your Halloween posts, so feel free to link up in the comments!


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