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Do your kids eat healthy foods?

I am not sure how it happened, or how I got so lucky, but my toddler is pretty good about eating healthy foods, at this point anyway! That’s not to say there aren’t days when most of his food ends up on the floor instead of in his mouth, but generally, he loves fruits, vegetables, and milk.

When we do notice some resistance during meal time, we encourage him to eat his food by telling him that we’ll cheer for him if he takes a bite! Sounds silly, but it’s amazing what some praise and clapping will do to urge on a toddler.

Another tactic that seems to spark interest in healthy foods, is pointing out that certain foods will give you a lot of energy. Evan is very interested in the concept of having strength and energy, and he seems pretty eager eat his protein when we remind him how much energy he’ll have.

We also lead by example, making sure to partake in healthy food choices so that our son can learn from our actions. Children want to imitate their parents, so I try to drink milk or water with my meals instead of grabbing a soda.

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