Hello, second trimester

Today, I am 14 weeks, and 3 days pregnant. To answer the first question that you may have on your mind, yes, I am still sick. That said, I have a lot of hope that the end of nausea and vomiting is near, as the dark cloud of illness lifted at 17 weeks when I was pregnant with Evan. Please join me in the crossing of all of your fingers and toes that history repeats itself.

In addition to the unrelenting nausea, I have been experiencing some really terrible headaches with this pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I actually never had a headache until the week I went into labor, so, there are days now when I feel like I am pretty much out of commission all around.

Two paragraphs of physical complaints, and I will start the third by declaring one thing. I suck at being pregnant. It is officially, official.

That said, I have an appointment for my 20-week anatomy scan, where hopefully (baby cooperating), I’ll be able to find out if this baby is a little boy, or girl. I’m pretty excited about this, and my appointment is the day before Evan’s birthday, so, it’s going to be a pretty awesome week!

Do I want a boy, or a girl, you ask? Well, both? I would love for Evan to have a brother, and likewise, having a little girl would be awesome for any mom. I really don’t have any kind of intuition about what I’m having… some days I think boy, for sure, and some days I think maybe it is a girl! What do you think?


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