Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

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Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

I adore October and I absolutely love Halloween!

Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid, and I guess I’m still a kid at heart because it’s still a super fun time of year for me now.

It’s even more enjoyable now that I have kids who are old enough to enjoy Halloween and trick-or-treat night with me! The kids love dressing up for Halloween, and we usually make the whole evening a celebration. We spend the time leading up to trick-or-treat getting dressed up, listening to spooky music and enjoying some delicious candy.

These super sweet, juicy and chewy Hi-Chew candies are a new family favorite!

Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

I’ve been seeing Hi-Chew products for a while now, but just recently picked up a few bags to taste at home.

This famous fruity and chewy candy from Japan is loved by people across the world. Including this cute little candy witch and ghoulish skeleton knight from Ohio.

Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

If you’re wondering what makes Hi-Chew so great, is has a lot to do with its fresh fruit flavors and ultra-smooth, chewy texture. It is just so yummy—each chewy bite is like a fruit explosion for your taste buds!

I’m pretty simple, I love the strawberry flavor the most, but my kids go nuts for the Hi-Chew Sours that come in lemon, grapefruit, and lime.

Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

What I love most about Hi-Chew is how much flavor is packed into each small piece. It makes this the perfect candy to keep with me in my purse. I can pop one piece and completely satisfy my sweet tooth. Until I want to pop another piece, that is.

Of course, we’re sharing some of the Hi-Chew love with the neighborhood kids, too. Hi-Chew is making up a big portion of our Halloween treat selection!

Loving Hi-Chew This Halloween

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Have you tried Hi-Chew? Which flavor is your fave?

Happy Halloween!


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