Hold on to these moments as they pass

Just when I think I am about to cross the threshold of frustration with my little cruiser, he flashes the most adorable, perfect, sweet grin my way and for at least one brief moment everything but pure love melts away. It’s not his fault that he’s completely wearing mommy out, and in fact, I couldn’t be more proud of his crawling, and sorta-walking, and getting into absolutely everything he shouldn’t. No really, it does make me very proud, and in the moments when I am exhausted by him, I realize how fleeting this phase really is. Soon, I’m going to wish he was little enough to scoop up in my arms so easily.

I suppose it’s best that he just woke up from his nap, effectively cutting this introspective post short, because what I don’t want to do is obsess about the future. I want to enjoy every beautiful, sweet, frustrating second that comprises the present.


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