The Home Of Your Dreams

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.

Do you remember the months leading up to buying your first home?

Honestly, for me, much of that time is a blur. It’s such a huge decision to make the leap into home ownership and I can remember being very nervous about the whole process.

Would I be able to get a loan? What kind of home will I be able to purchase? How much work is involved? These were all questions that swirled in my mind. The fact is, when it comes to home ownership, you’ll never know until you start the process.

My husband and I knew that we wanted to start a family and that our small apartment simply wasn’t going to provide the space we needed. When it became time to start considering home ownership, my parents were actually selling their home—the very house that I grew up in!

We ended up purchasing that little house. Life is funny sometimes.

I definitely encourage you to move forward with your dreams of owning a home, and SunTrust Mortgage is a great starting point. Finding the right lender for your first home (or your next home) is a crucial step in the process. Suntrust provides some really useful tools to help you find out what your next step should be.

I’m really loving their guide to buying a home PDF, and you can even use their calculator to estimate your monthly mortgage payments.

I have to admit that I just spent a little time playing around with that calculator, myself. After almost a decade in our first house, we’re starting to feel like this might be the right time to think about moving.

SunTrust wants you to understand the ins and outs of home buying and and they will be there to help you navigate every single step in the process.

That’s what you WANT. Trust me!

I’d love to hear more about your home ownership experiences. Are you thinking about a new home or your next home?

At SunTrust Mortgage, we make it a priority to learn all about your unique circumstances. Confidence starts with a conversation. 

Talk with a SunTrust Mortgage expert today. 

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.


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