How many days until spring?

I hate complaining about the weather. I hate it, but not enough to refrain from doing it, apparently, because wow—I am really tired of winter. I ache for sunlight; spring can’t come soon enough.

That said, we’re moving forward. A couple weeks ago, we took Evan (our little dinosaur-fan) to Discover the Dinosaurs.


Evan tends to be a little timid at first when brought into new situations, but he loosened up as we moved through the exhibit, and I think he had a great time seeing what some of his favorite dinosaurs might have looked like up close.

Because the weather is so consistently nasty, we’ve also been doing a lot of things in the house. If I don’t get this kid outside (regularly) soon, I think he’s going to go nuts, and so am I.


Kara is growing like crazy. She started taking her first independent steps this month, and while she still likes to cruise while holding onto the furniture, she’s definitely doing a little wobbly-walking too.


Also? The girl is ornery. Whoa, is she ornery.


I have this urge to write. I want this blog to be the journal that it once was, but the combination of winter-blah and just being really busy with the kids, I find it hard to find the time to reflect on the details of my life.

I can’t be the only one suffering from the winter blues. Are you counting down the days until spring, too?


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