Oh, my teething baby!

This is one of the many instances when being a first-time-mother can be somewhat tricky. Evan has two adorably-sparkling little chompers on the bottom, and we’ve noticed some redness and swelling in the past few weeks around these teeth and on his upper gums. With a whole new style of crankiness going on, and his desire to have his fingers in his mouth pretty much all the time, I can only assume the poor little guy is having some discomfort.


He has also been having a really rough going to sleep, and staying asleep at night. Do any of you who have raised children through this phase have some advice on what I should do about his gums? We really haven’t tried much yet beyond cooled teethers, and certainly haven’t gone the pain medication or Baby Oragel route yet. I’m not really sure when the problem would merit those courses of action.

The realization that we’re transitioning into toddler issues is just, crazy!


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