How I’m Planning For My Financial Future

If you took one look at an average week for my husband, Zach, you may say that he’s a bit of a workaholic.

He’s definitely one of the most driven people I’ve ever met and I am continually amazed by his motivation and unwavering work ethic. Zach doesn’t stop working after he punches the time clock. In fact, he’s been tirelessly renovating our home over the past two years. It’s been a true labor of love, and I am so grateful for all his hard work. 

Zach is still young and in good health, but I can already see signs that his body is changing with age. He’s beginning to struggle more frequently with painful chronic arthritis in his knees. This arthritis is in part a result of Osgood Schlatter’s disease, which affects the knees, which he suffered with as a teen.


I know that Zach probably won’t always be able to do the kind of strenuous physical labor that he does now. In fact, his doctor has suggested that double knee replacement may be a reality in a few years. With this in mind, preparing for our family’s financial future is definitely something that I think about every single day. Instead of waiting and worrying, I’ve chosen to make a few simple and proactive changes in our lives to start saving money now.

If you’ve ever wondered when you should start saving for the future, the answer is always right now.

Here are five smart steps that anyone can take to start saving money for the future.

1. Consult a financial professional — Without question, this is my number one tip. Prudential can help you identify your personal financial goals and work with you on solutions to meet them. This is an incredibly smart step that adults of every age (you’re never too young to start planning) can take to help secure their finances for the future.

2. Establish a budget — It took me a long time to get on board with budgeting, but when you start tracking what you’re spending it’s easy to see where your money is going and to identify ways to be more conservative. From giving care, to needing care, this infographic illustrates the financial challenges woman are faced with chronic illness.

3. Cut out the convenience meals — You can save so much money by cooking your meals at home, plus, it’s a great way to ensure that your family is getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Plan your meals a week in advance and take advantage of the quality time you’ll spend around the family dinner table.

4. Practice preventative care — Make and keep regular dental, vision and doctor visits for your family to stay on top of health issues. For instance, regular teeth cleanings can help you avoid costly dental repairs later.

5. Focus on health and wellness — As I noted earlier, my husband has been known to work a little too hard. One great way to avoid costs in the future is to focus on your personal health and wellness now. Take basic steps to lead a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and proper nutrition. Support your mental and emotional well-being by getting plenty of sleep and spending quality time with friends and family.

As a wife and mother, I want to do everything I can now to make life more enjoyable for both my family and myself in the years to come. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness in your family or you simply want to get a head start on saving for the future, this is the day to take the first step. The best part is, securing your financial future isn’t a big scary task. It’s actually quite easy, because all of those small choices that you make every day really add up.


My eyes were opened to so many possibilities when I consulted a financial advisor, and I truly can’t recommend this step strongly enough. I feel incredibly empowered now that I have a plan to meet my financial goals, and I also feel so much peace of mind knowing that I took control and took action.

Reach out to a financial professional at Prudential today. Trust me, just try it!

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Have you been planning for your family’s financial future? I’d love to hear more about your smart financial decisions in the comments below!


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