I’m supposed to LEAVE?

Because I run my own business and work from home, I’ve been really fortunate in never needing to take my kids to daycare or babysitters.

That said, Evan will be starting a summer preschool class tomorrow (just a one-hour class, one day per week), and as it will be the first time I’ve ever dropped him off with anyone who wasn’t an immediate family member. I’m not sure how he’s going to handle it, and honestly, I’m a little anxious about the whole thing myself.

I'm Supposed to LEAVE?

My parents are the only people we’ve ever left the kids with, and I’m wondering if I’ve set myself up for a major event when I take Evan to his class tomorrow.

We’ve been discussing it for weeks, and he wavers between excitement and anxiety, even asking me, “But, why do the mothers leave their children at the class? Shouldn’t the mothers stay?”

Am I over-protective? You bet.

I don’t know if it’s been a detriment, I just know I’ve done what I thought was right, and what I’ve been comfortable with. I’ve been a little more lax with Kara, but generally, I’m a pretty high-strung mom when it comes to my kids’ proximity to me!

I know that they are their own little people, that they need some space to grow and explore, but they are also the most precious things in the world to me and I like to keep them close.

Parents, do you remember the first time you dropped your baby or child off at a daycare or school? Am I crazy to have anxiety over this?


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