‘Iron Man 3’ movie review

“Some call me a terrorist,” says The Mandarin, the bin Laden-esque villain in Iron Man 3, “I say I’m a teacher.”

As you know, I had the opportunity to see Iron Man 3 in Hollywood last week, and I’m really excited to share a bit of the story as well as my thoughts on the film.

Iron Man 3 is loaded with some pretty heavy themes and imagery, however, it’s also chock-full of the action, drama, and humor that you’ve come to expect from the Iron Man series.

Keep reading to find out more about Iron Man 3 (we’re bordering on spoilerland, so beware) as well as my musings on this Marvel movie!

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We’re introduced to the bearded and robed Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) early in Iron Man 3. The Mandarin’s reign of terror begins with a shocking civilian attack, and escalates throughout the film.

Let me just say that The Mandarin character is really interesting. I won’t give away what makes him so unique, because this is one of the most effective and satisfying surprises in the film. I’ll just say that sometimes villains can be more, or less, than what you first assume.


Meanwhile, we also meet Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), who had a brief run-in with Tony Stark in the past. While Tony’s remembrance of the encounter with Killian is insignificant, it was a significant turning point for Killian, sparking much of the drama and action in Iron Man 3.

Killian has invented Extremis, which can “hack into the hard drive of any living organism,” and in the film, Extremis is used to upgrade the test subject’s DNA. Killian’s invention has one rather, explosive, flaw, which you’ll learn more about when you see the film!

Tony needs to handle both The Mandarin, and Killian, and he (reluctantly) receives help from his friend James Rhodes, and girlfriend Pepper Potts.

The particularly vulnerable Tony Stark also receives some unexpected assistance from a 10-year-old named Harley (Ty Simpkins). Harley helps whip Iron Man, and Tony Stark, back into shape during a pause in the film where Tony stops to regroup before the climax.


If you’re a fan of the Iron Man films, you’re going to be wowed by Iron Man 3. I really loved the the drama and the action of this film, and felt satisfied that Pepper Potts finally has the opportunity to kick a little butt!

Speaking of butt-kicking, explosions, and amazing action scenes? Iron Man 3 has it all! The film is rated PG-13, so be sure to take your appropriately-aged kiddos and their friends to see the movie, they’ll love you for it!

I really loved the movie, and plan to head back to theaters to see it with my husband!

More about Iron Man 3

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