Joya App makes video sharing simple

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Oh, my babies. My sweet, adorable, hilarious babies — how I love to film you!

Joya App Makes Video Sharing Fun & Easy There’s really nothing like taking an amazingly-cute video of your little ones with your iPhone, only to receive a message letting you know it’s is too large to send via message.

Sure, YouTube and Facebook are great, but I don’t necessarily want to share all of my private family videos with hundreds of people. In fact, I often only want to share videos with the kids’ grandparents!

Enter Joya App. Joya allows you to send your videos, small and large, to your contacts via email or text — for free. I tried sending a few videos to my mom over the weekend, and found the process not only easy, but really fast.

You’ll be getting notifications that your movies are being viewed in no time!

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How does Joya work?

  • Just download the Joya app on your iPhone.
  • Add contact information for your favorite people (cell or email) to your “favorites.”
  • Connect to your iPhone library.
  • Send one or multiple videos to your list of favorites.
  • The recipient will receive a link via text or email, click it and watch it. No iPhone or software required.

Why I love Joya App

While I am a huge fan of photography, there is something special and visceral about a video.

I know that when I share a video of my children with my parents, they will feel an immediate connection to the kids through the sight of blossoming smiles and the sounds of high-pitched voices and belly-laughter.

Video is emotional. It’s also one of the best ways I know to stay connected, and to share the beautiful and joyful glimpses of my life with the people I love the most in this world — my family and close friends.

Joya App let’s me make those connections easier, and I love that.

Be sure to visit the iTunes store to download Joya, and start sharing your videos today. You can also follow Joya on Twitter and Facebook. Happy video sharing!


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