Kid snacks with cool & sweet Dole pineapple

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Summer is almost here, and when the temperatures get warmer, I love making fun and easy chilled fruit snacks for my children. I really prefer skipping the popsicles, ice cream, and excessive amounts of fruit-juice in favor of actual fruit, and plenty of iced water during those hot summer days.

Just because it’s summertime, it isn’t an excuse to load my kids with more sugar than I would normally allow in their diets.

Mini Fruit Skewers with Done Pineapple

One of the easiest snacks I make for the kids are mini fruit skewers!

I simply slide some Dole Pineapple chunks, grapes, and melon chunks onto toothpicks, (yes, it only holds a few small pieces of fruit, but the kids love anything miniature). I then put the mini fruit skewers in a container and refrigerate them.

I don’t know what is is, but there is something magical that happens when you load a toothpick with a few chunks of fruit. The same fruit in a bowl might not be such a hit with my kids, but on toothpicks? Instant fun!

After the kids have played hard in the sun, we sit down at the table with a big glass if iced water and our sweet and cool mini fruit skewer snacks. The kids particularly love the pineapple, and I love that they are eating such a better-for-them snack.

Why I love Dole Pineapple

As you know, Dole Pineapple is available in slices, chunks, tidbits and crushed varieties. Chock-full of vitamin C, Dole pineapple makes the perfect sweet snack. Cut from the best pineapple on earth, Dole Pineapple is incredibly sweet, juicy, and delicious.

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Also, did you know that Dole Pineapple is the only canned pineapple with “Hula”; that sweet, exotic taste of the islands that adds fun and excitement to recipes and snacks? I sort of want to hula just thinking about those sweet Dole Pineapple rings!

Dole Pineapple is an easy way to get more fruit into your diet and add enjoyment to your day.

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Moms, do your kids love eating pineapple in the summer months?


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