Our kitchen renovation: Before

Kitchen Renovation... Here We Go!

This was our kitchen a few weeks ago.

Because I bought the home I grew up in, it’s also a space where I’ve spent countless hours of my life. Countless hours.

When my husband and I bought the house, those old cabinets (built with the house in 1954) were actually blue. The walls were papered, and the countertops were retro… but not in a good way. Even our kitchen table is a hand-me-down, and not exactly my style.

We made a few minor changes, but in the 5 years since my husband and I bought the house, the kitchen has never felt good to us.

Kitchen Renovation... Here We Go!

We knew that we wanted to do a true renovation on the kitchen, but we also knew that it would be some time before we had the means to begin. We made a few changes just to get by, but the room still felt dark and outdated.

We have now embarked on a true renovation.


1: to restore to a former better state by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding.
2: to restore to life, vigor, or activity: revive.

Kitchen Renovation Before

Don’t mind the huge dish explosion. I was trying to get everything clean before packing it up prior to the tear-out. I’ve actually never owned a dishwasher, and that’s one of the things I’m most excited about having in the new kitchen!

We’ll be putting in an LG dishwasher with TrueSteam technology. In case you’re wondering, that’s a big leap from Crissy’s-hands-in-dishwater technology.

LG Dishwasher

I know that this isn’t the worst kitchen in the world, but we are definitely excited about upgrading.

I want our kitchen to feel fresh, clean, and most of all, I want it to be a functional room for our family. I want to feel like the kitchen is the heart of our home, because that’s what it should be.

My husband and I are SO ready to have the kitchen of our dreams, but we also know that renovation can be a hard road. We also know that there may be unexpected bumps in that road, that there will be periods of time when we’ll all have to be inconvenienced to reach our ultimate goal, but that in the end, this kitchen renovation is going to have an incredibly positive impact on our little family!

My husband is multi-talented, and much of this renovation will be DIY!

As ready as I was, it was still a shock to go from that before photo, to this

Kitchen Renovation... Here We Go!

Oh, and, the things we discovered in those ancient wall cavities. Let’s just say, insulation wasn’t one of them! Sixty years worth of nastiness, that we’ve been living and eating just inches away from? Check.

You also find things like this in the walls of a house built in 1954. Hello, Hopalong Cassidy!

Hopalong Cassidy Med-o-pure dairy!

We’re in the trenches of our kitchen renovation now! We have so many changes coming, and I can’t wait to show you different parts of the project along the way. You can also check out this Inspiration & Progress Pinterest Board that will be documenting the process!

Have you ever renovated a major living space in your home? What was the best part about accomplishing your renovation?

LG is providing appliances for my kitchen remodel. Opinions are genuine, and my own. Stay tuned for much more information about my kitchen remodel, and our LG appliances!


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