Kitchen renovation update

As we inch closer and closer to the official start of summer, we’re also inching closer and closer to finally having the kitchen of our dreams. Of course, in the meantime, we don’t have a kitchen AT ALL, and with two toddlers, this whole kitchen renovation process has been… a challenge.

In case you missed my first kitchen renovation post, you’ll want to catch-up, and see the kitchen renovation before photos. You can also find out what we found entombed within those 1954-built walls—you might be surprised!

Kitchen Renovation Update

Here’s a little recap of our progress since my last post. Be sure to put on your work boots, safety glasses, and a respirator, it’s going to get a little funky in here.

First off, can I get three cheers for insulation and fresh drywall? It was a relief just to see our kitchen renovation reach this phase. I felt immediately inspired when I could finally see a (more or less) clean slate.

kitchen renovation photo

The next step was removing the flooring in preparation for our new hardwood. My husband counted five layers of flooring including the laminate that was our top layer. About two minutes after this shot was taken, Zach and I both put on respirators. The dust and odor that was kicked up during this process was unreal.

I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything so bad in my life!

kitchen renovation photo

Some of the previous flooring was pretty interesting.

kitchen renovation photo

I particularly loved this flooring. The gold squares actually glittered in the sunlight. Just imagine how bright and sparkly this flooring would have been in its heyday! The new flooring we chose isn’t quite as… festive.

kitchen renovation photo

We also did a little painting this week. With the kitchen cabinets taking up so much of our wall space, we won’t have a ton of visible painted area.

Because our main goal with this kitchen remodel is to create a brighter and more inviting space, we chose a very light color—it’s Olympic and it’s called Heavy Cream.

kitchen renovation photo
This photo gives you a little idea of how the paint looks on the walls. Of course, the photo is a bit misleading. This color is VERY light and subtle in person.

kitchen renovation photo

After ripping up all the old flooring, Zach spend quite a bit of time putting down new sub-flooring and trying to get the floor level. One of the challenges of trying to renovate an older home, at least in the case of this home, is that nothing is square, level, or plumb. NOTHING. This adds hours of extra work at every turn.

kitchen renovation photo

Finally, the plywood was down, and as level as possible given what we had to work with. Zach actually finished this part just minutes before the hardwood installers arrived. Cutting it close, as always!

I wanted to save better photos of our new hardwood for later in the reveal, but, I did snap a shot with my iPhone. We got a gunstock oak hardwood flooring, and we could not be happier with it. It’s just incredible the way this hardwood flooring makes our kitchen feel.

kitchen renovation photo

I can’t believe that our kitchen renovation is finally starting to come together. Very soon, our new cabinets will be here, and after that, our new LG appliances will be delivered. It’s HAPPENING, and I am so, so, so excited.

If you were building the kitchen of your dreams, what kind of flooring would you choose? What about a paint color?

LG will be sponsoring upcoming posts that feature their products, however, I was not paid for this particular mention—just wanted to let you know!


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