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Kodak Gallery Photobook for Valentine’s Day

Isn’t love beautiful? Whether it is romantic love, the love between friends, love for a special family pet, or that all-consuming love that a parent feels for his or her child, there is no question that love is a guiding and shaping force in all of our lives. With Valentine’s Day just two weeks away, I’m pleased to announce that Kodak Gallery is working with Dear Crissy to provide 10 lucky readers with $35 gift codes to use on incredible photobooks! That’s right, TEN of you will win! What better way to truly share the love this season than by giving a Kodak Gallery Photobook to someone special in your life! Giveaway Closed.

As a professional photographer, I have plenty of experience working with photo labs online. When creating my own Kodak Gallery Photobook, I was immediately struck by the sleek and intuitive interface that Kodak Gallery provides for photobook customers. I was highly impressed with SMARTFIT Technology, and was actually shocked with how quickly and smoothly I was able to upload my photos and design a book. Even if you have never created a photobook online, Kodak Gallery makes the process not only painless, but quite fun!

Kodak Gallery’s SmartFit technology allows you to:

  • Import photos from your computer, mobile device, and Facebook (great feature!).
  • Choose page themes, write captions and add personal touches.
  • Adjust to different sized images, and arrange pictures by event or date.

Kodak Gallery Photobook

As I flipped through my page designs, and looked at the images that I chose, I felt a lump forming in my throat. Childhood is so fleeting! If you are a regular reader here, you know that I am pretty sentimental, but really, aren’t all moms pretty sentimental when looking at photos of their own precious kiddos? These moments are so important to capture. Every ornery smile, every mess, every milestone.

What are your favorite Kodak Moments? Share them with me and win one of 10 photobooks!

While capturing those Kodak Moments is your first step, you don’t want to forget to print and enjoy your pictures. Don’t let them collect digital dust on your hard drive—create a beautiful photobook! Valentine’s Day encompasses so many types of love. Whether your sweetheart is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, parent, grandparent, friend, or other relative, a photobook from Kodak Gallery makes a heartfelt gift.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of Kodak Gallery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. A big thank you to Kodak Gallery for providing 10 $35 Gift Codes to Dear Crissy readers.

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