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Parents, would you agree that this has been an awesome summer? As much as most of us have adored the summer and extra time with our kids, it’s almost that time of year again — back-to-school time — that is!

The first week back to school can be an exciting but stressful time for the entire family. With so many things to prepare to get your little ones ready to face a new school year, some of the simple tasks at home can suffer.

Keep reading to find out how you can make the transition back-to-school a little easier within your home, and also how you can enter to win a fabulous back-to-school themed prize pack from Kraft Foods!

Getting ready for back-to-school week!

It’s important to focus on helping your child transition into his or her new school year, so when you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of that first week back, you can always look for ways to simplify — especially in the kitchen.

Pack your kids’ lunches the night before to save stress in the morning, and plan your family dinners for the entire week — making sure you have all the ingredients you need for meals on hand.

It may take a few weeks to get your school-year routine established, particularly if you have more than one child in school, but you’ll find that you can settle into the new schedule in no time

Win these goodies from Kraft Foods!

  • CAPRI SUN Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink (Fruit Punch):  CAPRI SUN Super V is a new refreshing fruit & vegetable juice drink that kids will enjoy and moms will feel good about serving. The new ready-to-drink beverage, which comes in the popular CAPRI SUN pouch, contains a combined serving of fruits and vegetables (3/4 from fruit juice and 1/4 from vegetable juice) and is a good source of fiber, offering a perfect blend of nutrition, great taste and “kid cool.”
  • LUNCHABLES with Smoothie: I LOVE Lunchables! New Turkey and Cheddar Sub Sandwich with Chiquita® Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Double Stuff OREO cookies is the perfect first-day lunch time option that combines all of your kids’ favorites! You can also try the new Chicken Strips and Deep Dish Pizza options to add some variety to lunchtime!
  • JELL-O with Mix-Ins Pudding Packs:  Feed your family a snack you can feel good about with new JELL-O with Mix-Ins. Mix your favorite toppings into your favorite pudding flavors to create your new favorite dessert. Kids will love trying the six fun flavors like Strawberry Shortcake, OREO Dirt Cup, Birthday Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Turtle Sundae and Banana Caramel Pie. And you’ll love that they’re made with real milk.
  • CHIPS AHOY!: Whether it’s packed as a surprise lunchbox treat or with some milk after school— you’ll love CHIPS AHOY! Chewy Gooey Caramel and Chewy CHIPS AHOY! made with Reese’s ® Peanut Butter Cups. One, infused with a soft caramel inside, the other, a chewy treat packed with Reese’s ® Peanut Butter cup pieces. 
  • New! VELVEETA CHEESY SKILLETS Dinner Kits in Creamy Beef Stroganoff and Lasagna: Craft your family a quick, easy, molten and melty dinner made with the liquid gold of VELVEETA. Wield your skillet and one pound of ground beef to forge a feast of new Creamy Beef Stroganoff, with premium seasonings, curly ribbon pasta, and creamy VELVEETA cheese sauce. Or, forge VELVEETA CHEESY SKILLETS Lasagna by smiting together one pound of ground beef, lasagna noodles, red sauce and premium seasonings together with the liquid gold of VELVEETA. 

To round out your awesome back-to-school prize pack, you’ll receive a meal planner pad, calendar stickers, backpack, memo pad, sweat-free ice pack, crazy straws, and hand sanitizer — worth $100!

Giveaway has ended

Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me and has provided me with a gift of equal value for review. This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by this blog.


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