Stainmaster Carpet from Lowe’s

Lowe's Stainmaster Carpet

Have you been following along with our continuing home renovation project? As you know, Lowe’s has been a tremendous help through the entire DIY process. To refresh your memory, you might want to check out where we started, find out how we insulated our upstairs, and learn more about the amazing drywall products we used.

Before I had the baby, we moved on to the next step in our upstairs renovation. Lowe’s provided us with some incredible carpet from Stainmaster, and let me just say, my expectations were exceeded.

Lowe's Stainmaster

I thought I knew what nice carpet felt like. I mean, we have relatively new carpet in some of our downstairs living space, and it certainly isn’t bottom of the line. How much better could this carpet from Stainmaster really be?

After the carpet was installed (my husband got a break, because we utilized the professional installers through our local Lowe’s store), I was stunned by how gorgeous and soft the Stainmaster product was. It truly made our new upstairs feel warm and comfortable — like a home should feel.

Stainmaster Carpet

When choosing our carpet, we used the online design tools at, and then we headed to our local Lowe’s store to look at some of the samples up close and personal. I love being able to browse the colors, styles, and textures at Lowe’s to really get a hands-on feeling for the different carpet styles.

Stainmaster fun facts

  • With 89 percent aided brand awareness, Stainmaster is most often requested by consumers.
  • Since its introduction in 1986, Stainmaster carpet has revolutionized the industry with its stain and soil protection technology (LotusFX™ Fiber Shield Technology).
  • The LotusFX™ Fiber Shield technology makes it difficult for soil to stick to the carpet fibers, helping to keep Stainmaster carpets up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer than other carpets.
  • Also, the carpet’s technology makes it difficult for liquid to permeate its surface, making clean-up of spills and messes from everyday use a breeze.

Stainmaster carpet

The Stainmaster carpet from Lowe’s we chose is lovely. It is easily the best part of our entire renovation, and Evan just loves sitting on the floor now to play with his toys. Let’s not forget, the floors just look amazing now!

Lowe's Carpet

Now that we’re finally getting into a routine after the birth of our daughter in December, we have just a few finishing touches to put on the upstairs. As you can see, the walls are painted, the trim is up, and now we only have a short check list of items to tie up.

I’ll be taking a more detailed photo shoot to show you the real finished upstairs soon, I cant wait for you to see it!

Lowe’s and Stainmaster provided the carpet for our home renovation project. Thoughts and opinions are my own. I really can’t thank Lowe’s and Stainmaster enough, and feel strongly compelled to place the word hugs between two asterisks.


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